Dr. LARA, intuitive mentor

Isn't It Time You Stepped Into Your Power & Began Living Life On Your Terms?

I'm Excited To Embark On This Journey With You—Dissipating Energies That Have Held You Back—To Help Move You Into A Reclaimed Space Of Magnificence!

In these sessions, I work with clearing your energy centersreleasing past life experiences and repairing your DNA to its original state.

They are also tailored to what you are personally going through and need specific help—relationship issues, finding your purpose, career changes, clearing emotional traumas.

I also work with Angels and Higher Energy Intelligence that help to transform and shift perceptions, clear ailments, bring clarity and closure to long-standing issues and tap into your divine soul's purpose.

Your Higher Self knows exactly what needs to be released, what is for your highest good and the life you are meant to live.

Every session is done for your highest good. 

My job is to hold space for transformation to occur. 

Your job is to simply relax and allow yourself to receive the energy work being given. 

Imagine what our world would be like if we all showed up authentically–expressing our gifts, helping others and fulfilling our soul’s purpose! 

Ever feel like this?

Mentoring is perfect for you if:

You often feel lost and alone.
You're finding it hard to grow.
You often feel overwhelmed and don't know where to start.
You want to experience ALL of life and are 100% ready to make radical changes.
You're finally ready to invest in yourself and be the conscious creator of your life.

I will help you Shift to the next level! Are you ready?

I've finally gotten back to writing again, and I wanted to thank you for putting that spark back in me! I don't feel so overwhelmed about it. I'm just allowing it to flow whenever things come to me versus trying to keep it all in one sequential order...so it feels fun, not so cumbersome like before.  So thanks for igniting the desire in me to write again!

Alicia R.

"I never knew I could actually live the life I always wanted."

I never knew I could actually live the life I always wanted. 

I am not the same person I was before I started working with you. You helped me change my life forever.

Derek L.

"She is such a strong and sweet presence, and you feel so comfortable around her."

She is such a strong and sweet presence, and you feel so comfortable around her. Dr. Lara is able to help shift energy fields. When you’re ready to do what you came to this planet for, and you’re ready to end your suffering and put in the work to heal yourself and live your best life, I highly recommend Dr. Lara as your guide.

Evan Z.

"She knows exactly what to tell you and how to deliver it, and she is always accurate."

She knows exactly what to tell you and how to deliver it, and she is always accurate. If you need understanding and insight, her knowledge bank is huge and reliable. Her work is customized for the client, giving them the freedom, knowledge, and power of choice to release their issues and contribute to the session with knowledge of their own. She also paves the way for big shifts to come through. In my last session alone, which was literally two and a half weeks ago from writing this, I have manifested a new place to live that checks all my boxes (in one day!), I have manifested a perfect grade in an educational course I took (it was a B and he gave me an A!), and I manifested a quick moving date for the new place. I also manifested a loving soulmate experience. It's been amazing, and I am so empowered by it. 

Dominique L.

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Experience individualized attention as you work through personal trauma on a cellular level—healing and transforming past life energy—and receiving personal messages from Angels and Ascended Masters to assist you to carve a path towards your highest good!

Intuitive Healing Session
with Dr. Lara

 Mentoring Program for Lightworkers
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